Production Decline Troubleshooting

Turn-key Production Decline Troubleshooting Services

  1. Liquid Level Determination.
  2. Tubing pressure test from the downhole pump
  3. Casing check valve pressure test and inspection
  4. Shooting LL down the tubing and casing to find a possible hole in tubing (HIT) or obstructions
  5. Tubing string pressure test using a pressure truck
  6. Liquid level monitoring, obtaining SBHP (long-term monitoring until stabilization)
  7. Current inflow calculation based on the static levels build-up, Pump size Vs. Inflow comparison
  8. Starting the well up and pressure drawdown monitoring until liquid levels stabilization, foam depression test to obtain PBHP
  9. Inflow Relationship Performance (IPR) Calculation
  10. Downhole Gas Separator performance evaluation using Gas Separator Simulator
  11. Pumpjacks: Additional dynamometer testing, pump cards interpretation, performance evaluation
  12. ESPs: Pump Rotation check
  13. Gas Lifts: Leaking gas valve determination, performing a "dual-shot" technique.
  14. Plunger Lifts: Plunger tracking, full-cycle evaluation, and analysis, identification plunger fall velocity, tubing obstruction, calculation of the Lift Energy.
  15. CBM wells: Shooting liquid level down the casing to make sure all perforation zones are open.

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