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WIZE Oilfield Services is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated company with a persistent focus on state-of-the-art technology implementation to acquire and analyze well data and provide turn-key oil and gas production optimization and regulatory compliance solutions for oil and gas producing companies in Western Canada

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Owner & Operator

Tim Harunov

Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Project Management (University of Calgary) combining almost 20 years of progressive hands-on field operational experience in various managing, and engineering roles in Russia, the Middle East, and Canada. 

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Our Services

Connecting experience with the newest technologies

Surface Well Data Acquisition

  • Fluid/Liquid Level Shots

  • Static and Producing Bottom Hole Pressure gradient (SBHP/PBHP)

  • Pumpjack Dynamometer Testing, Balancing, and Performance Evaluation 

  • Pump and Surface Cards Animation

What is well liquid level? A well liquid level or fluid level in the well is basically the hydrostatic liquid column in the well which usually represents the reservoir pressure in the well, once the well is drilled, completed, and balanced or static-out. If the reservoir or formation pressure is higher enough to move the oil and gas, usually mixed and known as the emulsion, to the surface, that means that the well is naturally flowing to the surface, overcoming the surface or pipeline pressure. Whereas, if the formation pressure is weak and the liquid level is not reaching out the surface, oil and gas producing companies need to use artificial lift systems to lift the emulsion to the surface.
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This is very interesting, I want to know more about liquid or fluid levels

Production Optimization & Troubleshooting

  • Plunger Tracking

  • Leaky Gas Lift Valve Identification

  • Critical Velocity Evaluation

  • Gas Separator Performance Simulation and Analysis

  • Foam Depression Test

  • Relief Field Operator Services

Polished Rod Removal

Regulatory Compliance

  • AER D13 Lease Inspection

  • AER SCVF Test

  • Rigless Polished Rod Removal (in partnership with TapIt Inc.)

Vibration Visualization

Vibration Visualization and Root Cause Analysis

Ultrasound flowmeter PT878

Water Flood Optimization

  • Clamp-on solution for any single-phase liquids

  • Water Flood Optimization

  • Leak Detection System troubleshooting


“At WIZE Oilfield Services we believe that teamwork is essential to lead the company towards success and improvement. It is crucial to find the right people to fulfill the current recruitment needs and place high importance on loyalty and the long-term growth goals of our employees and the company. We are committed to bringing the highest standard of safety, health protection to our employees, and service quality for our customers. Please check out the job opportunities and join the team!"

Tim Harunov, Owner


Job Opportunities

Field Optimization Technician

Contract - Future Opportunities

Must be familiar with acoustic well sounders, dynamometer testing transducers, and willing to learn and spend time in the field to troubleshoot wells and acquire quality well data. Get in touch to learn more or feel free to send out your Resume

Commission Salesperson


You must be a very patient salesperson who sees the bigger picture of where the company is heading to. As a small business, we are very far from the 6 digits salaries but if your sell - you will get a reward. The oil and gas industry is a tough market with a loooooooong grace period so, again, patience is key. If you feel like you are a good fit, please feel free to send out your Resume!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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